MedSol is an artificial intelligence and deep machine learning medical imaging company focusing on first point of contact diagnostic solutions in the field of healthcare.

The company was founded in 2019 and currently offers state-of-the-art wireless Clarius ultrasound probes and AI diagnostic software to the medical sector.

We consistently strive to expand our offerings and products by making use of expert opinions and staying updated on the latest trends within the market.

Service and cost-effectiveness are the core values of our business and we aim to create lasting business relationships.

Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning are methods used to improve detection and overall differential diagnosis during medical imaging.

For General Practitioners, the need to enhance and provide more on-site services is adamant. MedSol aims to provide cost-effective on site solutions to all medical practitioners who want to increase their practise services to ultrasound imaging and on-site differential diagnosis reporting.

MedSol is SAPHRA certified as a diagnostic software solution, to ensure the processes and methods are up to the highest medical standards.

MedSol offers a range of diagnostic AI medical software solutions such as:

  • Breast Cancer imaging and diagnosis, (Breast AI Solutions)

Also currently being developed for release in 2022 is:

  • Skin imaging and diagnosis (Skin AI Solutions)
  • Lung imaging and diagnosis, especially for occupational health (Lung AI Solutions)
  • Clarius wireless ultrasound probes for:

cardiac, abdominal, small parts, endovaginal, obstetrics, vascular.