Prime Surgical’s portfolio of endovascular, surgical and hybrid products deliver individualized solutions to surgeons across the aortic, cardiovascular, and surgical specialties. We provide surgeons with the resources, partnership, and confidence needed to help clinicians consistently perform at their very best.

Quality is not negotiable: the products we provide are accredited, tested and certified in accordance with global standards. Furthermore, we capitalize on the expertise of our global partners who continually innovate to shift the standards of the device industry, delivering distinct solutions to the market.

A Global Partnership: In partnership with Terumo, a leading manufacturer of injection and infusion therapy devices, Prime Surgical is proud to be the sole distributors of premium needles, syringes, IV catheters & Infusion pumps in South Africa.

Our comprehensive surgical portfolio includes innovatively designed medical products that allows clinicians to deliver optimized day-to-day care to their patients in both the human and animal health markets. With our innovative hypodermic needles, IV catheters, winged needle sets and more, we’re putting high quality into even the most routine parts of healthcare.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Focused medical education initiatives
  • Strategic Agility
  • Service & Responsiveness
  • Knowledge of local market context and requirements

Prime Surgical is supported by our local healthcare partner, SA Biomedical (Pty) Ltd, who has extensive experience as a leading distributor of Orthopaedic and medical products in South Africa: 

To learn more about product portfolio, please contact Craig Bisset via or visit for more information.