Safarmex was established in 1990 to assist clients in the Health Sector in procuring and distributing hospital and laboratory equipment and products. Safarmex has been operating within the Southern African Healthcare Industry directly through local branches, in strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Its initial focus was dealing exclusively with the respective Ministries of Health by providing products and synergistic services including training, skills development, logistics and management. Safarmex collaborated with various NGO’s and Institutions and the Health Ministries in launching and implementing successful healthcare programs and developing healthcare infrastructure in the Southern African region. Through its team of experienced and dedicated professionals, Safarmex is proud to be part of an effective and sustainable solution to the overall strengthening of the Southern African healthcare system. To ensure that client product needs are satisfied and service continuity is guaranteed, Safarmex has developed and owns certain brands including Ossotech (orthopaedic products), Germkill (disinfectants) and Saclin (surgical consumables), and has distributor arrangements with certain niche products – Quidel, Welcare, L-Mesitran and Lohmann & Rauscher.

Today, Safarmex (Pty) Ltd, Safarmex Umoja (Pty) Ltd, Safarmex Africa (Pty) Ltd, Safarmex Medical logistics (Pty), and its partners form “The Safarmex Group”. The Group offers healthcare solutions in Orthopaedic, Wound Care, Surgical Consumables products and Medical Logistics and Management Services to clients in Sub-Saharan Africa.