The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (NPC) is a not-for-profit organisation that assists a wide range of healthcare facilities to meet and maintain quality standards. This process enables the facilities to provide safe, quality services to their patients and families.

COHSASA operates programmes in hospitals, clinics, hospices, day surgeries and rehabilitation/sub-acute care establishments.

In the past 28 years of operation, COHSASA has worked in over 600 facilities in both the public and private sectors in 14 African countries including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, Ghana and Kenya.

The International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA) provides third-party external evaluation services to health and social care external evaluation organisations and standards developing bodies around the globe. COHSASA has achieved global recognition and is the only sub-Saharan health facility accrediting body that is accredited by the IEEA.

The company has been accredited continuously since 2002 by the IEEA.

COHSASA’s mission is to secure safe, quality care throughout Africa and in developing countries through capacity-building: to empower healthcare workers to develop a mindset focused on delivering excellent patient care and the skills and knowledge to carry that out. The COHSASA programme helps healthcare professionals to measure themselves against standards. This approach teaches them how to monitor improvements using quality improvement methods, internationally accredited standards and a web-based information system.

The COHSASA accreditation programme can be implemented in both public and private healthcare facilities. COHSASA works with the healthcare team to assess the pace at which the programme can be fully implemented and accreditation achieved. This helps those facilities that need time to put resources in place. 

Our healthcare facility standards are accredited by the IEEA.

COHSASA’s web-based Quality Information System (CoQIS), helps the healthcare facility team to prioritise the work that must be done to fill the gap between what exists and what needs to be there. CoQIS allows facility personnel to have access to a continuous, easy-to-use management tool that assists them to run their establishments safely and efficiently. 

It has been shown that return on investment in quality improvement and accreditation programmes is without question.

For more information about COHSASA, refer to our website or email