Innohealth Technologies uses clinical expertise, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide ground-breaking solutions to African healthcare problems By assembling medical professionals, data scientists, AI and machine learning engineers, IT and computer scientists, as well as legal and communication experts, we collaborate to devise suitable and high-impact healthcare solutions. Our subsidiaries are steadfast in their commitment to providing critical healthcare solutions to address the most pressing challenges facing Africa. Leveraging virtual care, brick-and-mortar clinics, imaging technology, lab diagnostics, healthcare platforms, forums, demographic, psychographic and geographic data on healthcare decision-making, all fortified by AI and machine learning, we are able to deliver exceptional value across the entire healthcare value chain. We can identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement by using our data models, resulting in more efficient and effective healthcare delivery. This translates to better health outcomes for patients and increased access to healthcare for those in greatest need.