Pleasant Waste Management (PWM) is a company that operates within the Med­ical Waste industry, we specialize with Medical, Anatomical, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Waste, serving various entities that generate waste, from Hospitals, Labs, clinics, Abattoirs Pharmaceutical Distribu­tors etc.

The company was established through a vision for a healthier and better environment for tomorrow. We are the bridge between waste generation and incineration, a necessary disruptor in setting a new standard for waste management.

We are a fully compliant waste removal company with a 8-BBEE Level 1. Our approach is fashioned by a set of values that govern our entire service deliv­ery workings, namely; flexibility, speed, innovation and integration.

Our services extend to providing consultative services for our diverse clientele, providing the necessary solutions for managing waste internally, this includes training and workshops related to our specific waste management niches, namely: Medical waste, anatomical waste, pharmaceutical waste and chemical waste.