Prime Surgical (Pty) Ltd is an importer, distributor and exporter of medical device products for:

Vascular, Cardiovascular, General Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery devices

  • Prime Surgical’s portfolio of endovascular solutions could address every segment of every aorta. We offer surgeons the resources, partnership and confidence required to decide on the best solutions for their patients’ diverse aortic challenges.
  • We distribute medical devices for cardiac and vascular surgery with an emphasis on cardiopulmonary bypass, intra-operative monitoring, vascular grafting and diagnostics. This includes a full line of perfusion, endoscopic vessel harvesting, surgical stabilization, vascular access, diagnostic and blood clot management products.

Maxillofacial, Trauma, Spine, Neurosurgery and Hand Surgery Devices

  • We offer some of the highest quality surgical devices for spine, hands, neuro- and maxillofacial surgery.

Surgical Consumables and Instruments encompass general surgical instruments, general surgery access, specialised surgical instruments and specialised retractors. Additionally, we also specialise in consumables like syringes and needles, as well as infusion pumps and syringe drivers.