Algreen provides the most sustainable solutions to petrol-based polyurethanes.

Polyurethanes represent 8% of world plastics. They are widely used in cosmetic, packaging and fashion industries for making cosmetic microplastics, packaging films/coating/adhesives, sequins, shoes/bra foam, shoes/underwear adhesives and waterproof coating. 

Conventional polyurethanes come from carbon intensive petrol refineries and end their life in landfill, releasing microplastics or are incinerated generating significant Greenhouse Gases.

Algreen invents fully biobased and biodegradable polyurethanes designed to eliminate petrol-based polyurethanes.

The global polyurethane market will be 29.2 million tons (2029). By replacing 1% of petrol-based polyurethane, Algreen eliminates 88bn kgCO2eq annually.