Biesterfeld Petroplas Ltd is a leading polymer, rubber and speciality chemicals distributor, serving the UK and Irish markets since its foundation in 1986.

The Biesterfeld Group is one of the leading international distributors of plastics, rubbers and specialty chemicals. Founded in 1906 as a trading and service company, today more than 1,000 employees at over 50 locations in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa generate annual sales of EUR 1.66 billion.

A long term key partner in the UK and Irish markets to some of the world’s most renowned suppliers of such materials including, Celanese, ExxonMobil, LG Chem, DuPont, Synesqo (formerly Solvay), Dow, Chimei, Nurel, CP Chem and Grupa Azoty to name a few.

Our portfolio of products available in the UK & Ireland continually expands, like the recent addition in January 2024 of the Zytel® PA & Zytel® HTN, Hytrel® TPC, Rynite® PETP, Crastin® PBT product groups