Campine manufacture and supply flame retardant solutions based on Halogenated and Halogen free technologies Our products simplify the use of flame retardants in your production process, with the relevant components already being dispersed in a polymer matrix. Campine can provide masterbatches based on a wide variety of Polymers, including PE, EVA, PP, PVC, PBT, PA, HIPS, PC/ABS, … These often bespoke formulations allow you to add the products you require, in controlled, dosed quantities, dust-free. The use of our masterbatches over powders can improve dispersion, increase safety on material handling, reduce production errors in weighing out formulations and improve efficiency of manufacture. Campine is also renowned for our Antimony Trioxide, being one of the largest manufacturers of Antimony Trioxide in Europe, Campine is synonymous for Quality, Reliability and Service. From our production facility in Beerse, Belgium, we are able to supply Antimony Trioxide, in many different particle sizes, forms (Powder, Wetted, Pelletised), packaging options and quantities from full truck loads down to pallet lots. Campine are committed to the environment and in regards to sustainability for the future we are proud to present REGEN, our recycled Antimony Trioxide.