Tantec-UK, part of Ebble Group solve adhesion problems, improving performance, repeatability, longevity and enabling the use of sensible, green adhesives without the need for primers, abrasion or other preparation techniques.

Tantec have been manufacturing Plasma and Corona Treatment Systems since 1974, supplying to industries including automotive, medical and consumer goods who are looking to have consistent bonding of adhesives, inks and coatings.

Treating plastics before bonding is most common due to the low surface energy for most, especially materials like polypropylene and polyethylene.

The technology is used to both treat and clean materials, with highly effective, high performance cleaning working well with metals, glass, ceramics and composites.

Plasma and Corona Treatments use no consumable chemicals and cost very little to run, making them an excellent green alternative to harsh chemicals, primers and abrading. The technology is very easy to automate, making it a repeatable inline process which can be monitored for traceability and quality purposes.

Based in the Midlands, we offer new equipment, rental systems, lab services and testing including contact angle and tensile testing. We also offer sub contract manufacturing for small to medium projects to help you get familiar with the technology, or to support new projects.