FlexBlow is an innovation-driven company specializing in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of stretch blow molding equipment, energy-saving molds, and special preforms.

Established in 1994, FlexBlow boasts a rich legacy of innovation and excellence. As a 100% family-owned business, FlexBlow takes pride in its heritage and commitment to quality. With a workforce of over 200 dedicated individuals, FlexBlow strives to exceed expectations in every endeavor. The company has a widespread global presence, with over 500 FlexBlow systems delivered to satisfied customers worldwide.

At the heart of FlexBlow’s operations is a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Operating on 100% green energy ensures that the impact on the environment is minimal.

FlexBlow machines are known as some of the most flexible in the market and can offer a comprehensive solution to nearly any packaging challenge.

FlexBlow’s universal PET stretch blow molding machines enable the production of PET containers with a neck range of 18-120 mm and a volume range of 10 – 20,000 ml. FlexBlow machines can manufacture hot-fill bottles, oval containers, wide-mouth jars, and large-size bottles using a single piece of equipment.

FlexBlow is not only versatile but also features an ultra-fast bottle format change feature. Changing molds takes only 5-10 minutes, and a complete format changeover, including neck, mold, and start-up, takes as little as 30 minutes on a 2-cavity machine.

Our PET Blow Mould Machines offer the highest flexibility, integrated quality control innovations, quick mold change, preferential heating, quick neck change, open architecture, neck orientation, competitor mold compatibility, and are fully electric.

FlexBlow provides a complete package manufacturing solution, from special preform supply to energy-saving mold sand stretch blow molding equipment.