Floreon revolutionises sustainability in plastics. Derived from crops like corn and sugar cane it offers a sustainable alternative to conventional oil-based plastics. With a significantly lower carbon footprint up to seven times less than traditional plastics such as ABS, PC, or HIPS.

While traditional engineering plastics are made from fossil resources, Floreon harnesses the power of plants by transforming Polylactic Acid (PLA) into a durable engineering polymer. Unlike typical PLA, often limited to disposable uses, Floreon’s pioneering technology elevates it for durable applications and is available in three advanced products engineered to meet your specific needs:

Floreon Therma-Tech:

Designed to meet the demands of durable applications requiring flame retardancy, this grade attains a pioneering UL94V-0 fire resistance rating. Marking a global first, it incorporates a halogen free flame retardant, impact modifier, nucleating agent and is designed as a drop-in replacement for ABS in injection moulding, extrusion and 3D printing.

Floreon Dura-Tech:

Ideal for injection molding, this grade excels in manufacturing toys, reusable drink cups, dinnerware, and other non-electronic applications. It boasts a high renewable content and a carbon footprint up to seven times lower than oil-based plastics.

Floreon Bio-Tech:

Designed for applications requiring high rigidity and impact strength, this bioplastic is certified as ‘OK Compost,’ ensuring full biodegradability in industrial composting facilities. Ideally suited for injection moulded applications such as cosmetics, food or applications that are typically served by ABS or PS oil-derived materials.

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