KIT Electroheat Ltd specialise in heater bands, cartridge heaters and thermocouples etc for the plastic and packaging industries and a OEM supplier to a major number of European made injection moulding, extrusion and thermoforming and packaging machines.

We offer a complete package for electric heating Technology and continuously strive for improvement and the highest quality. Our products are used in all industrial sectors where heat in production plays a role. They can be adapted to the specific needs of our customers and significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of production processes.

As part of the Group of Companies Ihne & Tesch, Keller, Ihne & Tesch we are a traditional company that has existed since the 1930s. In addition to the founding companies Ihne & Tesch and Keller, Ihne & Tesch in Germany, other companies such as Keller, Ihne & Tesch in Austria, KIT Electroheat in the UK and Celtic in France have been added over the past decades, so that it is now internationally at home. Since its foundation, the Group has developed steadily and adapted to market conditions and customer expectations. These changes have led to the group of companies continuing to grow together and working more efficiently as one.

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