Konica Minolta Sensing supplies solutions for colour and surface measurement including innovative portable and benchtop spectrophotometers, colour management software and glossmeters. Visitors can try for themselves the CM-26dG portable spectrophotometer with built in 60° gloss sensor and the new CM-36dG benchtop spectrophotometer with built-in glossmeter and sample viewer camera. Spectrophotometers measure digital colour data that can help you to work closely and accurate with supply partners on specification, feasibility, colour libraries, and product approval. Greatly reducing the risks and costs associated with physical standards, subjectivity, and inconsistent colour communication.

Konica Minolta Sensing has a dedicated team for installing, optimising and supporting the digital colour data platform Colibri®, ensuring that you get the best from measurement data. Whether simply sharing a single QC system or implementing a secure system for centralising specification and colour recipes for global production, our team has experience of delivering solutions that streamline the colour production process, cutting waste and improving product quality.

Colibri® offers plastic producers significant advantages in efficiently integrating recycled polymers, facilitating the adaption of recipes from only a couple of calibration samples.