Keeping one step ahead of industrial change in the Plastics industry 

Robot automation is addressing many of the challenges faced in today‚Äôs plastics market, presenting solutions that address quality, quantity and cost. More and more process steps can be carried out in a single work operation and thus, value creation increases, while the logistical effort for the transfer of materials decreases, through an increasing degree of automation integration and ground-breaking software solutions that are leading to production flexibility and cost savings not seen before. 

Additive manufacturing automation addresses several common challenges such as reducing production cycles, in alignment with an on-demand economy, enhanced product integrity and cost savings achieved through reduced inventories and waste reductions and multiple material combination manufacture, broadening the scope of production. 

How can manufacturers develop greater cost-effectiveness through more efficient production methods, utilising robotics and automation software? 

KUKA and Ai Build shall be at Plastics Live, demonstrating just how we are delivering additive manufacturing concepts across industry.