As plastic injection moulding consultants, we work with companies to help them optimise their injection moulding processes, reduce manufacturing costs and increase profits.

This includes providing advice on ERP / MRP Scheduling systems, MES, production process optimisation, web-site development, E-Commerce, marketing, ancillaries, trouble-shooting, and other areas related to injection moulding.

The goal of Moulders Consulting Limited is to help companies achieve higher quality products, improved efficiency, lower production costs and ultimately, increased profits. We are experts in various aspects of the injection moulding process, such as Industry 4.0, providing guidance on improving production processes and/or assisting with company marketing and sales. We can provide valuable insights and offer cost-effective consultancy, products and solutions to help companies like yours to further improve your injection moulding operations and profitability.

Who is our perfect customer? MCL Software is targeted to any plastic injection moulding company with an annual turnover of approximately £0.5M to £25M, that wants and needs to see an increase in efficiencies and a reduction in manufacturing costs!