RIO Oceans Integrity are the worlds only Ocean Cleaning environmental organisation that receives all its fund via its innovative Plastic Neutrality scheme.

RIO Oceans Integrity is a diverse group intent on eliminating the plague of plastics from our ocean through reclamation, recycling, and education.
Together, we will mitigate further plastic pollution and rid the oceans, beaches, and rivers of plastic concentrations around the world, develop new recycling opportunities to prevent plastic materials from entering the waste stream, and educate communities internationally on the tragedy occurring with waste in the Oceans.

By hiring local fishermen all over the world, we clean the world’s waters while stimulating local economies. We revitalize crucial industries like fisheries and tourism. We provide valuable jobs, that improve waste management and create a more sustainable ecosystem.

RIO works with patented equipment and local communities to educate and implement new waste management and recycling systems.