SIMCON is an expert for everyone in injection molding. We combine simulation and consulting. For more than 30 years, we have been supporting plastics specialists in improving their parts, molds and injection molding processes. With our simulation software CADMOULD, our automated variant analysis VARIMOS, and our services, we help our customers achieve better, cheaper and faster injection molding results. Our customers include mold makers, injection molders, part designers and mold designers across industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer electronics sectors. Get in touch if you’d like to reduce your mold corrections, achieve better cycle times, and improve quality!

CADMOULD ist the World’s fastest Injection Molding Simulation – It is a modular software for the simulation of injection molding processes that accurately simulates from filling, to packing for thermoplastics, elastomers, bio- and recycling materials. Also for special processes such as foam-, multi-component injection molding or cascadic injection molding and much more.
-It helps you to accurately anticipate shrinkage and warpage, sink marks, air traps, weld lines etc. to reduce weight and shorten cycle times.

VARIMOS  is an automation layer that sits on top of our simulation software CADMOULD. Its automations help you to quickly generate many design variants, simulate them hyper-efficiently, and analyze results from multiple simulations in a summarized fashion. Powerful artificial intelligence helps you by suggesting optimal solutions, based on your targets!

Our team of experts will solve your toughest challenges in injection molding. If you don’t have time to simulate yourself, we are happy to do it for you.