At Standex Engraving Mold-Tech, we optimize Surface Performance by creating textures on the tooling that manufactures products we all use every day. We are one company operating in 23 countries with 45 manufacturing and design studios, each one using the same approach to taking care of our customers; by applying identical operational directives, we guarantee texture harmony on global programs.

We make it easy by offering a full range of services: Laser and Chemical Engraving; Nickel Tooling; Architexture Design Studio; Tool Enhancement and Tool Finishing.

From start to finish, these services include the design of bespoke textures, the verification of the texture on a prototype, engraving the mold, enhancing and polishing it, and then offering on-site try-out support with ongoing tool maintenance and texture repair capabilities.

High-precision nickel shell molds offer superior advantages designed to withstand the extreme production conditions of your process. We also produce slush molds, IMG molds, IMGL molds and IMC molds. Standex Engraving Mold-Tech is the only nickel shell supplier producing in three global locations: Portugal, USA and China.

Chemical mold texturing through our exclusive Digital Transfer Technology produces finishes

without seams or distortion. As the only global supplier of laser texturing, our services offer perfect texture fidelity and superior features such as multiple gloss levels, haptic touch features, the elimination of paint and optimized scratch performance.

Trust the premier, global supplier for mold texturing and surface finishes to add creative beauty and function to your product.