Since 1971 we have perfected the robotic take-out and automation industry with an outstanding portfolio of clients and purpose-built systems.

We pride ourselves on being a leader amongst automation and robotic companies, providing bespoke solutions throughout the UK and internationally in a diverse range of industries.
With decades of experience, we have an outstanding reputation which has been upheld through innovation, reliability and performance.

Yushin has a broad lineup of units and systems for helping users’ diversify and upgrade their plastic molding plant. This includes an army of take-out robots for picking molded products from injection molding machines.

The family of Yushin robots has won multiple technology awards over the years and continues to do so, this has been driven by passion and reliability.

Our impressive robot catalogue, in combination with our inhouse project and automation engineers allows us to provide fully bespoke systems to meet your requirements. We can design, develop and build systems to incorporate functions and processes that go far beyond the initial take-out of parts.

With decades of experience, we are a go to partner for any automated solution big or small.

Automation is our passion, that’s why we put it in our name.