A-Thermal Retort Technologies (PTY) LTD specializes in the thermal treatment of hazardous waste for over 20 years, we primarily service the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries. Our unique Thermal Desorption Plant utilizes pyrolysis technology that is capable of achieving a 99.9999 % (six 9’s) destruction of all hazardous waste. Our company has now completed an exciting project that will see us produce a carbonized residue by-product from the variable forms of hazardous waste that is processed through our unique Thermal Desorption Plant at A-Thermal. The carbonized residue has similar properties to coal and can be used as an alternative form of fuel, essentially making A-Thermal a Zero-Landfill Treatment Facility. To our knowledge this will be a world first for this process.

With the aim of providing our clients with added convenience, A-Thermal and its affiliated group of companies are able to offer the

following services:

  • Thermal treatment of hazardous waste
  • Recovery of value added products
  • Waste to energy technology
  • Waste beneficiation
  • Treatment of medical waste
  • Treatment and disposal of general waste
  • Recycling services
  • Transportation of hazardous and general waste
  • On-Site waste management
  • Supply of waste packaging
  • In-Situ and Ex-Situ remediation of land
  • Gasification technology
  • Training on waste management
  • Environmental consultancy services