DHL is the leading global logistics service provider for the top pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers with 4,500 dedicated Life Sciences & Healthcare staff.

Where you need us globally: A network strategically positioned and developed where our customers and their partners need us

  • Industry leading capabilities and network for Air and Ocean Freight in >150 countries worldwide
  • Global network of Life Sciences certified stations represented in >40 countries across all continents
  • DHL Regional Hubs in Panama, Istanbul, Dubai and Singapore providing market access to next tier growth markets globally

… at the right LS&H quality and service level: A wide range of services that consistently meet the highest quality standards in the industry

Market leading Life Sciences qualified Air and Ocean Freight capabilities
 – DHL Air & Ocean Thermonet
 – Ocean Secure
 – ‘White glove’: LifeConEx
 – ‘Time critical’: DHL SameDay

 100+ DHL Air Thermonet Life Sciences certified stations

 Global quality organization and global, GxP level, auditable quality standards (temperature management/cold chain)

… allowing you to focus on your core: A Global Expert Community dedicated to serving our customers with industry competence

Proven excellence for business processes/data management services complementing logistics services
 – Control tower and lead logistics services
 – Customs brokerage services

Value added services around cold chain, e.g. procurement, management and conditioning of packaging materials, gel packs, ULDs and reefers

… extending your brand’s reach to your customers: Wide range of services consistently meeting the highest performance standards

Providing and managing Road Freight services to your customers’ door complementing Air and Ocean Freight

Providing time-critical, door-to-door transport services for medical shipments with DHL SameDay.

Further ‘last mile’ services available via other divisions in DHL