Intercal is the largest independent SANAS accredited calibration facility in sub-Saharan Africa.  With accreditation to IEC/ISO 17025:2017 in 8 fields of metrology, Intercal is well positioned to be the sole calibration provider to pharmaceutical clients, as well as to many other industries.

Intercal’s AIQ division are experts in equipment and storage facility qualification and the service covers all stages of IQ/OQ/PQ including qualification protocols, certificates, checklists and the qualification summary reports.

After qualification, many storage areas require continuous monitoring and the Intercal sales division can provide a full range of data-logging systems from independent data loggers to multi-channel and multi-location cloud-based systems with the option of monthly analysis of data drafted in a report form to streamline the qualifcation requirements.

Our sales division can also provide a wide range of other instrumentation and equipment, and a rental option is even available on some systems.