Affordable Medicines Directorate – National Department of Health

The Affordable Medicines Directorate (AMD) sub programme within National Department of Health (Programme Two) is responsible for developing systems to ensure access to essential pharmaceutical and medical related commodities (health products). This is achieved through the selection of essential medicines, development of standard treatment guidelines, awarding and management of health product contracts and licensing of persons and premises that deliver pharmaceutical services.

Units within the Directorate and their responsibilities:

  • Essential Drugs Programme (EDP) – selection of pharmaceutical commodities and rational use thereof, ensuring that selected medicines are safe, effective and affordable, for use at the appropriate level of care;
  • Contracting: tendering and alternative contracting mechanisms, to ensure affordable medicines and reliable suppliers;
  • Contract Management: managing the performance of the parties transacting on the established contracts as well as supporting Participating Authorities, in order to proactively maximise financial and operational performance, minimise risks, and ensure dependable supply; and
  • Licensing: Processing licenses relating to pharmaceutical services