The North-West University offers more than just an education:  we offer people a place in the world.  Academically, students benefit from great choice and flexibility, enabling them to fulfil their potential and start preparing for their careers.  The Faculty of Health Sciences of the NWU directs its programmes and activities towards the pursuit of relevant knowledge and innovation in health sciences in order to promote and improve the health of the population of South Africa, Africa and the world via education, research, services and community involvement.  We believe the profession of a pharmacist is dynamic, information driven, patient-orientated and takes responsibility for medicine in all its facets.  The School of Pharmacy has delivered pharmacists since 1942 through relevant and high quality training supported by established research programmes.   

Some of the faculties’ entities applicable to the profession of a pharmacist include: 

The Centre for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Services, whose mission is to commercialize pharmaceutical and biomedical expertise and services profitably in a sustainable and entrepreneurial manner.  CPBS is responsible for the quality assurance of medicine, blood-level monitoring of anti-epileptics as well as testing and evaluating cosmetic products for commercial purposes.

Pharmacen is a research entity with a clear focus on drug research and development in Africa.  They conduct innovative research to generate new scientific knowledge and to apply research findings in the development of advanced pharmaceutical products and technologies.

MUSA is the largest research entity of its kind in South Africa.  Their research focuses on efficient medicine usage and to understand factors (the patient, environment and policies) that influence medicine usage of patients in South Africa and Africa.