Since its inception in 2008, Orion ILS Logistics has built an extensive and compliant pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution network in South Africa with uniquely configured solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, pharma wholesalers, clinics, healthcare practices, state depots, and general delivery outlets.

Our proficiency and in-depth knowledge of distribution within the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, veterinary, and consumer healthcare sectors ensures our clients receive the necessary expertise.

Through the RTT Group’s operational reach and capacity, Orion ILS Logistics can meet the intrinsic requirements for both warehousing and distribution. This network is even further maximised through our commitment to adhering to compliance.

Our pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution network comprises of a purpose-designed Good Distribution Practices (GDP) compliant fleet and SAHPRA compliant warehousing solutions.

As an experienced distribution partner in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Orion ILS Logistics offers validated active temperature-controlled vehicles or passive validated packaging. This secures the pharmaceutical product temperatures based on distribution models or product requirements. 

Orion ILS Logistics recognises the need for an end-to-end supply chain solution. We utilise a business model based on strong sales and operations partnerships, with complimentary supply chain players, and smooth integration of acquisitions that strengthen our specialist logistics capabilities. We can integrate with in-house clients, customers, or third-party supply chain systems.