Welcome to our company, a leading provider of personal protective equipment for individuals and organisations across a wide range of industries. We are committed to keeping people safe and protected by offering high-quality PPE products that meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Over the past decade Pinnacle expanded its product range through continuous innovation, expert knowledge, key supply chain networks and greater understanding of our customers. This has allowed us to provide a unique range of products suited to meet our customers’ needs and enabling us to provide value-added services.

Pinnacle Protection Enterprises’ core business focus is Hygiene and Safety Protection that provides synergy across the hygiene and safety value chain, an array of products that includes disposable PPE, reusable PPE, cleaning equipment and business consumable.

We help our clients in managing workplace risk and compliance, as well as protecting their personnel, products, and the environment. Managing risk and compliance within the workplace is a critical aspect of Pinnacle Protection Enterprises, By staying informed about health and safety standards we ensure that our products meet the required standards and contribute to the overall health and safety of those who rely on us.