Custom solutions for a healthy operation.

Traka is the global leader in intelligent management solutions for keys and equipment.

We invest in the continuous development of technology to provide innovative, secure, and effective real-world solutions to the challenges that organizations face managing keys and equipment. Our standalone and enterprise-class solutions are tailored to customer needs and requirements to provide the most value and impact on their business. 

In the healthcare – and pharmaceutical industries, access control requirements are constantly changing. The challenge to maintain operational protocols in compliance with regulations and standards while giving critical staff the support they require drives the need for a more effective and robust method for key and equipment management. 

Traka helps healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities stay safe, secure, and efficient by providing an automatedway to manage physical keys, assets, medication, vehicles, equipment, devices, and more. Our solutions improve productivity, efficiency, accountability and reduce downtime and risk in critical processes. In turn, this means less administration and lower operating costs.

Traka bridges the gap in many security strategies, providing intelligent control over access to keys, equipment and vehicles to drive effective operations. With fast, automated access for authorized staff, you control who has access, and when. This can be achieved from any authorized device on your network, at your facility, or even from home. Every activity is recorded, through our software-controlled key cabinets and lockers, generating more responsible users and providing complete visibility for your management team.