Zafric™ is a South African giftware brand that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying unique, high-quality gifts to both retail and corporate gift industries. Our factory is based in Durban, South Africa and we pride ourselves on being 100% local.

Our creative team can work with you to develop bespoke custom-made gift solutions that showcase your brand’s personality and identity. These eye-catching conversation starters create a lasting impression and ensure you stand out from the crowd! Zafric™ products can be customized to the highest standards to carry your logo or message.

Our team, consisting mainly of women from previously disadvantaged local communities have been upskilled and developed.

Committed to eco-friendliness, Zafric™ prioritizes using recycled and eco-friendly raw materials.

We ensure that our products are infused with uniqueness, attention to detail, eco-consciousness, reliability, and the extra-mile service. Zafric™ products offer a gifting experience that is truly exceptional.