Leppard is a specialist in underwriting professional indemnity, liability and medical malpractice insurance and our vision is “To be the trusted liability insurance partner that strives to protect our customers’ reputation and business.” We opened our doors in 1991, and with almost 30 years of experience, we have developed and adapted our product offering to keep up to date with changing trends and challenges that face our professional market.

I believe our success is rooted in 5 key pillars that define who we are and what we are about:

  • Never Compromise Quality – Evident in our plain language policy wordings as well as your experience when dealing with our enthusiastic staff.
  • People are really Important – With people at our core, we’re focussed on protecting the reputation of our brokers, their clients, our insurance partners and ourselves.
  • Learn – We never stop learning whether it’s from each other, or our mistakes of the past, as these mistakes very often lead to future improvements and solutions.
  • Be forward Thinking – Our forward-thinking approach ensures we’re relevant today and going forward.
  • Be Solutions Driven – The Leppard team are highly trained, value innovation and work together to find the right offering to suit our clients’ unique needs.

For us at Leppard, it’s not only about the product – it’s about the person and ensuring their reputation is safeguarded – in good times and in bad.