Situated in the Western Cape, the company was founded in 2018 by a retail pharmacist with 30 years of experience in the industry. The fascination of pharmaceutics and pharmacology and the experience of providing community health service was the perfect reason to manufacture own products with Natural Care for the Whole Family in mind.

The beginning of 3Gi Investments as the holding company and 3Gi Pharmaceuticals as the first division of the company was a life long dream to establish a legacy for the three children of the owner, Christo Gie, to manage and grow the business in time.

The company name was derived from the three G’s and I (being the 3 kids and the owner himself).

The Mission of 3Gi Pharmaceuticals:

To produce natural products to provide relief of common conditions that generally occur in everyday life.

Our products:

The best ingredients are sourced for this purpose and manufacturing and packaging is done with highest ISO quality standards, by an ISO approved manufacturer in the Western Cape.

We believe in our products and the effectivity of the ingredients in combination with neat and purposeful packaging. We believe in providing REAL relief of symptoms, and prevention of conditions known to mankind throughout centuries.

Distribution and availability of products:

Products are distributed via the pharmaceutical wholesale currently, with the aim to have the products within reach of the general public by means of a convenient professional store location footprint throughout South Africa.