Allegra is a tech–based contributor to the medical sector that empowers healthcare communities, by providing access to information that enhances total personalised care.

Allegra’s objective is to enhance clinical information management and personalised health care through the provision of software solutions that integrate dispensing, primary healthcare and wellness solutions into one, user-friendly practice management platform.

These software suites provide one platform that allows integration between healthcare stakeholders such as medical aids, insurance companies and other healthcare providers. This currently provides one shared patient health record across the Southern African healthcare network for those who are a part of the Allegra Healthcare community.

Allegra’s disruptive innovation in the healthcare industry enables Team-based care; Outcomes based reimbursement, protected electronic sharing of patient information on one platform whilst enhancing business processes.

We connect relevant role players, stakeholders and healthcare providers through technology, while keeping the patient at the centre of all development as the owner of his/ her health information. Ultimately creating a unique health information exchange in sub-Saharan Africa.