The Diverse-IT group is an independent group of companies that supply a wide range of products and services to the Pharmacy Industry including; product development, distribution, manufacturer engagement and software solutions.

In response to an overwhelming demand for good quality, modern and well supported software, DiverseIT established Marconi Software Solutions, an industry leading pharmacy software company, that offers software, hardware and support services to Retail Pharmacy.

We have developed a Pharmacy Management and Dispensing Application, built on a modern framework and robust architecture, that can be used to process large volumes of transactions in both independent and enterprise level retail and courier pharmacies. The Marconi Pharmacy Software suite also offers a unique solution for chronic repeat patient management that is revolutionising the industry. We have a dedicated, in-house software development team, making us flexible and quick to respond to the development requirements of our customers.

With over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical IT space, we have developed a world class application that provides solutions that the industry needs.