Fagron South Africa is a group of compounding pharmacies focusing on patient specific treatment options for patients, prescribers and pharmacies. From our facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town we serve the urology, ophthalmology, dermatology, endocrinology, genomics, functional and aesthetic medicine markets with a variety of quality sterile and non-sterile preparations, genetic tests, unique equipment and trusted compounding vehicles.

Compounding activities at Fagron Compounding Services offers many benefits to patients and healthcare providers:

  • Enhance medication compliance and provide a solution for medication shortages.
  • Reduce the costs associated with maintenance, staff, space and validation for non-sterile and sterile medication.
  • Eliminate the pressure of labour-intensive and time-consuming compounding processes.
  • Minimise medication wastage.
  • Reduce the need for stock.
  • Offer processes and products with a high-quality standard.
  • Offer solutions for unmet therapeutic needs.
  • More scope for focus on patient care.

Whatever the situation, Fagron always has the optimal solution. Whether pharmacists want to personally prepare personalised medication with innovative concepts, vehicles and formulations or need to be supported in preparing customised products due to skill, time, equipment or facility constraints, Fagron can offer a solution.