The Touchless Germcontrol (Pty) Ltd Company was launched 12 years ago in 2007 by Mr Paul and Antoinette Cooper in Gauteng. The company expanded in leaps and bounds in Gauteng and generated the need for representation in the Western Cape.  Touchless Germcontrol, Western Cape CC was established in January 2009 and is headed by Theo and Sumarie Geldenhuys.

Product information

We import the latest technology in hand hygiene products from the Binderbauer Pharmaceutical Company in the USA.  The brand name of the product is Germstar and it has been in use for many years in the USA and Europe.  The touchless dispenser has a patented operating mechanism with no moving parts which increase the lifespan of the product tremendously.   The alcohol sanitiser solution took more than 10 years to develop to perfection and contains emollients which help to improve the condition of your skin the more you use it.  The sanitiser solution also has all the international medical accreditations in both USA and Europe.

Target market:

Our touchless dispenser and waterless alcohol hand sanitiser are in use in 3 different areas e.g. medical, food and corporate industries.  Initially we targeted the medical and food industry – thinking that we would be limited to those markets only.  Our clients in the medical field include the LIFE-, Mediclinic- and Melomed Hospital Groups, selected Netcare hospitals, Pathcare, GSK, Sanovi- Aventis, Adcock- Ingram, and Pheizer, multiple clinics, doctors, dentist etc.   Parmalat SA is one of our anchor clients in the food industry.

We soon realised that the design, formulation and application of our product spoke to another type of client as well and we quickly spanned into the corporate industry. This market showed growth beyond what we expected and we determined that there is a huge need for hand hygiene solutions amongst people working in close proximity to each other in office buildings.  In this market our clients include, but is not limited to SANLAM and Liberty Life countrywide, Foschini, Multi-Choice, JP Morgan Worldwide Security Services, selected branches of Metropolitan Health and KPMG.  We also service a variety of smaller financial and insurance companies  as well as a lot of call centres e.g. Foschini’s ,  Lufthansa Global Telesales and the RCS group to name but a few.  We found that our touchless Germstar hand sanitiser is extremely popular in the office-like environment, because of the funky design and the user friendly application.  It increases user fascination which leads to increase of hand wash compliance.   The product is not at all in competition with the standard bathroom gear usually supplied by cleaning companies, but actually compliments the bathroom hand washing by increasing hand wash opportunities throughout buildings.


We have the sole distribution rights for the Germstar touchless hand hygiene products in South Africa, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia.

After intensive research of the Germstar product and comparisons to other similar and related products in the market by the LIFE Hospital Group, they afforded us the exclusive licence to be the sole provider of touchless dispensers and alcohol sanitiser to all the LIFE hospitals in the country.

We received our SABS: SANS certification in February 2011.   Currently we are also the only company manufacturing the sanitiser solution in-house.  This is a huge benefit to our customers, because we save on import price and the stress of waiting for stock to arrive.

Future Plans

This year the company is investigating into opportunities to broaden the product range.   We also centralised our location of manufacturing of the sanitiser in Cape Town.   This helps to maintain and improve the high standard and quality of the product.


It is the mission of Touchless Germcontrol to supply each customer with a product of high standing quality and to maintain and improve their experience of the product by delivering customer service which by far exceeds the normal expectation.  We are continuously increasing our customer base in our target markets in an extremely competitive industry annually, because we have a niche product which satisfies the need for quick, easy and effective hand hygiene.