With our passion for and specialised knowledge in pharmaceutics, iDEXIS brings back the close interaction between doctor, pharmacist and patient to achieve optimum health outcomes.

We consistently strive to expand our product offering by making use of expert opinions and staying updated on the latest trends within the market.

Our pharmacists have advanced compounding and internationally accepted sterile compounding qualifications. The iDEXIS team comprises amongst other of 8 Pharmacists of which 2 have Ph.D.’s and 4 have Master’s degrees in pharmaceutics. The team further comprises of a biotechnologist and a biochemist.

Our quality control ensures appropriate administration of the compounding practices that iDEXIS apply. Quality assurance are provided through a SAHPRA accredited laboratory.

To this end, iDEXIS Compounding keeps on expanding geographically and has pharmacies in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria.

Our range of medicine solutions are directed at healthcare providers with special emphasis on integrative health and functional medicine.

Slimming Range (Medi-Lean)

Scheduled Medicines

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Sterile Range of Products

Combination Products

CAMS Products

Vitamins & Minerals