Mrs. Nicholls was born in the small rural town of Nababeep in the Northern Cape and spent many years fighting for opportunities to change her circumstances.

Her journey began in 1997 when she joined a leading UK medical recruitment agency. Here, she excelled and learned the importance of “doing the job” properly. She eventually decided to fulfil her dream of starting her own company.

Troubled by the number of medical recruitment agencies in South Africa that cut corners and failed to provide qualified and compliant medical professionals to private and government hospitals across the country, Mrs. Nicholls was motivated to bring integrity and professionalism to the industry. She established Immploy Medical Recruitment in 2003. Despite facing challenges in a historically biased business environment, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of success.

Over the past two decades, Immploy Medical Recruitment has emerged as the premier provider of fully vetted and qualified locum and permanent medical professionals to private and government facilities, reflecting Mrs. Nicholls’ dedication to excellence, integrity, and to “do the job” properly.

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