LeBasi Pharmaceuticals is a small enterprise with a BEE level 4. The closed corporation was formed 18 years ago and has two directors. We are committed to Equity Employment.

The company has a SAPC, DOH and import/export manufacturing license with the Medicines Control Council.


Lebasi supplies medicines to the private sector through licensed marketing partners. Lebasi also participates in government tenders and Section 21 products for the public and private sector.

Lebasi also consultants on technical, regulatory, license and supply and pharma intelligence activities within the South African and global environment.


Lebasi is committed to supply high quality, effective and safe medicines to the South Africa public by procurement from international and local GMP approved manufacturing facilities e.g India, Zimbabwe, USA, Australia.

The company also outsources manufacturing to local South African companies in effort to support our local pharmaceutical industry and thereby supporting job creations in South Africa.

We aim to source from approved BEEE vendors for all our consumable and traveling requirements.


LeBasi minimizes the risk for continuous supply by adequate stock control and using Imperial Health Services as our logistics partner.