MA Connect solutions is a motorcycle delivery company offering its services exclusively to pharmacies. Our business prides itself in being pharmacist owned, therefore our value lies in increasingconvenience for access to medicines. The business model was developed in response to an existing need for delivery services for the elderly and physically challenged patients, taking advantage of advancements in e-commerce globally and in South Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the need for medicine delivery services because of movement restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the virus. Our business stepped up to serve the dual purpose of minimizing overcrowding in pharmacies while ensuring people/customers stayed safe at home without treatment interruption. Our unique to pharmacies model allows us to provide convenience to our customers while adhering to pharmaceutical regulations and maintaining the integrity of their medication.

Following telephonic/electronic counselling by pharmacy personnel, our trained drivers deliver medicines from the pharmacy to the patient’s home or selected location. Our motorcycles are insured and come fitted with tracker devices.  We provide pharmacies with drivers and motorcycles on contract basis (long-term) as well as flexible contract basis (locums). We also hire out motorcycles. Our business has an established footprint in the pharmaceutical sector and currently offer services to several established retail pharmacies in Gauteng and are looking to expand to other provinces in the near future.