Established almost 30 years ago Optic Trade Links started as an optical supply company aiming to be the leader in the optical supply sector in South Africa. The Company started with only 2 basic products to more than 200 products with offices and storage facilities all over South Africa totalling more than 5000 sq mtr.


A major part of our business style is diversity. This business development strategy has helped us develop new products, services and enter new markets. This has helped us grow into a 24 company conglomerate.

Industry Experience

Years later we were able to achieve this because we were relentless in coping with the growing demand of optical supplies for cases, accessories, spares, spectacle frames and other optical equipment and instruments. We became the first optical supplier in South Africa to open up an optical laboratory. 10 years later we are one of the biggest optical labs in terms of size and output capacity in the Western Cape.

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