Right ePharmacy (Pty) Ltd is an innovative, strategic solution provider for the dispensing, distribution, and collection of medicine. The business spearheads the sourcing, customisation and implementation of the latest technology and systems to address key issues, help reduce barriers to health and produce quality healthcare outcomes. 

Right ePharmacy is a pharmaceutical services healthcare company, established in 2015 through the foundations and finance laid down by Right to Care (Non-Profit Company). 

Right ePharmacy is a value based and innovative care company that is pioneering disruptive change while making a positive impact on healthcare challenges. Right ePharmacy’s core competence is “Last Mile” Dispensing and Distribution technology. Our core products, which span from hospital pharmacy automation through to out-of-hospital dispensing solutions like “ATM” Pharmacy Dispensing Units (PDU™) and centralised dispensing and distribution solutions, were developed over years through collective expertise and experience from pharmacy and engineering sectors and driven by a comprehensive understanding of the need for efficient, sustainable solutions to the increasing requirement for resources, skills and infrastructure in health service delivery. 

Right e-Pharmacy’s innovative service offerings are patient centric, allowing patients greater convenience in terms of access to their medication and high-quality pharmaceutical care. 

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Website: https://rightepharmacy.co.za/ 

Tel: 0800 014 945 

Email: info@right-epharmacy.co.za