Ilosun Ointment was formulated in 2003 as a natural complimentary ointment with strong antimicrobial activity and healing properties for burn/wounds to prevent infection and start immediately with the healing process. Burns will not become septic. Ilosun is effective in cleaning and closing of infected wounds. The combination is essential for growth and the development of new tissue.

The all in one Ointment:

  1. A natural product with strong antimicrobial activity.
  2. Stimulates granulation and epithelialization.
  3. Removes dead tissue and eschar painlessly.
  4. The gentle wound care ointment that does not stick to the underlying wound tissue, protecting the new granulation cells.
  5. Provides a moist healing environment for better blood circulation and cell migration.
  6. Remarkable on all wound types; Diabetic wounds, Burns of all degree, Pressure sores, Surgical wounds, Leg ulcers due to bad blood circulation, eczema, Psoriasis, and more.