Trifectiv Plus Wound & Burn Care is a SAHPRA-registered Medical Device solution for the treatment of all wound types. Trifectiv Plus is sold by Trifectiv (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Thoclor Labs (Pty) Ltd, a biotechnology company from Stellenbosch. Thoclor developed a proprietary method of manufacture of the active ingredient in Trifectiv Plus, hypochlorous acid (HOCl). The unique pharmaceutical grade HOCl solution is manufactured in our ISO 13485:2016, as well ISO 22716:2007 certified factory and is CE and GMP compliant, as well as Halal-certified. Published multiple times in peer-reviewed Journals, Trifectiv offers a cheaper and simpler solution than standard wound care for the treatment of wounds ranging from nappy rash to diabetic foot ulcers, burns (including sunburn), as well as for the treatment of bacterial and fungal skin infections. Its anti-infective property has been proven against planktonic and biofilm bacteria, including multiple drug resistant MRSA, CRE, A. baumannii and pseudomonas, as well as Candida parapsilosis. The anti-inflammatory efficacy of Trifectiv Plus is evident in its rapid reduction of pain, redness and swelling of an affected area. The safety of the Trifectiv HOCl solution is confirmed through in vitro studies and certifications.

The company is led by founding members Stuart Russell (Managing Director) and the Clinical Director is Dr H Roos. Thoclor Labs was founded in 2018.



Telephone: 021 879-1388