Vexall (Pty) Ltd is an ICT support services organisation that was created in an effort to close the gap of misaligned service providers that are removed from the operational demands required to successfully run a pharmacy.

Vexall has been positioned to provide high quality support services through a decentralised support network which ensures clients have a single point of contact with a representative that is close to their business and appreciates the complexities associated with running a business that has highly complex and integral operational demands.   

Our focus on the healthcare market ensures our highly skilled staff, with a collective 500+ years’ experience, are experts that specialise in providing optimal service delivery standards to all Vexall clients. 

Vexall’s three uncompromising principles, that forms the foundation of the business, are:

  1. Always put the client first – be the client.
    Only by “being the client” are you in a position to fully comprehend the complexities associated with running a business and it is only then that you can appreciate what it takes to offer optimal service delivery standards to the client environment.

  2. Take care of the most important asset in the business, its people.
    Create an environment that enables employees to contribute to the common goals of the business and in doing so also share in the successes of the business.

  3. Collaborate for the greater good.
    Through strategic partnerships with different technology partners, enable the opportunity for collaboration for the greater good and benefit of the client.