Wesson Therapeutics has been taking care of compromised and sensitive skin for more than 20 years. We have developed a clinical skin care system to support the re-epithelisation process of the epidermis and significantly improve overall skin health.

The Resurfacing Balm and the Intensive Scar Repair were originally developed in 1995 and formed the foundation of the Therapeutic Range. The Ozone Balm was subsequently added to this range due to the remarkable benefits of activated oxygen. Wesson Therapeutics expanded its offering to also include a Complementary Range which comprises fragrance-free skin care items for daily use to soothe, balance and protect sensitive skin. More recently, the Cosmeceutic Range was launched which incorporates the powerful benefits of Vitamins and CBD extract.

At Wesson Therapeutics, we apply the latest research in clinical ingredients and natural resources to provide a high-quality skincare range. Our trusted skin care formulations incorporate natural botanicals to soothe, repair and protect compromised skin. We have set the standard in developing and manufacturing clean formulations that are safe to use and offer visible results.

We invite you to explore our offering and learn why medical professionals trust Wesson Therapeutics.