X/procure® Software (Pty) Ltd is a market leader in electronic procurement and media solutions in South Africa’s healthcare sector. Our X/procure® Pharmacy platform was launched in 2001 as an electronic procurement system, and is now wholly owned by Primedia (Pty) Ltd. X/procure® is an integral part of the Pharmacy landscape and has to date, processed orders in excess of 160 billion Rands. 

X/procure® Software has recently launched EasyX 360°, end-to-end Pharmacy Management Software that brings together Ordering, Point of Sale, Dispensing, and Clinic Management. Our Software also includes Stock Management, Reporting and Debtor and Creditor Management for your pharmacy. As part of our value offering, X/procure® Software offers the pharmacist highly trained and knowledgeable support staff available to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days per week.